Wraparound with Intensive Services

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Washington State’s Wraparound with Intensive Services is designed to provide comprehensive behavioral health services and supports to Medicaid-eligible youth and families ages 0-20 years old who have complex behavioral health needs. We know it’s difficult when a loved one is struggling with substance abuse and mental health challenges and we understand that it can be a confusing and overwhelming time. We’re here to help support and walk you and your teen through this treatment process in environments where you feel most comfortable.

Our WISe Program in Spokane, WA provides:

  • An experienced treatment team of professionals including a care coordinator, a therapist, and a peer or family partner
  • Assessment, treatment, and support services in home and community settings
  • 24/7 crisis response and outreach teams to help assist and support the entire family unit
  • Mental health counseling and support is provided for youth and families
  • Monthly child & family meetings which includes system partners who are involved with the family and youth
  • Appropriate aftercare community connections to support ongoing recovery

What To Expect:

Our WISe team will work with you and your family to develop an individualized care plan based on your strengths to help keep your teen safe at home, make progress in school, increase their resiliency, maximize their natural supports, while reducing the impact of mental health challenges. The program offers individual and family therapy in home and community settings on a weekly basis to ensure contact with your WISe team. WISe is based on a team approach that is driven by you and your family to help set goals that meet your needs.

Individualized Care:

We understand that seeking help can be confusing and overwhelming.Our WISe team will meet with you in a community or home-based setting where you and your family feel most comfortable. WISe services and supports are available at times and locations that best fits your schedule. The individualized care plan will be guided and driven by you and your family based on your personalized needs.

Peer Support:

WISe peer support will pair trained professionals (peer counselors) to work with individuals seeking mental health services. This partnership will offer assistance and support from people who share similar life experiences and who can promote responsibility, offer hope, and assist in helping you and your teen regain control and success in your life.


Any individual who is 0-21 years old and resides in Spokane County is eligible for the WISe program. Those who apply will be required to take a Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths(CANS) Screening.This tool is used to determine eligibility for the WISe program. Options can be discussed with the youth and family.

Referral process:

Anyone can make a referral for our WISe program. You can call our WISe Supervisor at 509) 475-4651 or our WISe Care Coordinator at either (509) 476-4581 or (509) 294-9575. Once a referral is made, there will be a CANS screening completed. This screening can be completed either via telephone or in person, whichever is most comfortable for you.

For more information about Washington’s Wraparound with Intensive Services, click here.




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