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Psychiatric Evaluation & Treatment (short-term) 

 You are not alone. Millions of families experience the distress of a mental health crisis every year. We understand that in the midst of a crisis, it can feel quite scary. Whether your teen is struggling with suicidal thoughts, major depression, psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or another acute mental health condition, we are here to support you with short-term crisis stabilization services and medication evaluation. 

Our dedicated Evaluation & Treatment beds in Brush Prairie and Spokane, Washington provide:

  • A warm, safe and secure yet structured environment
  • An experienced treatment team of professionals specializing in psychiatric training and suicide prevention
  • A place where clients and families are supported
  • An individually tailored program that focuses on healing while developing critical life skills and building confidence

What to expect…

Psychiatric Evaluation & Treatment at Daybreak includes a custom mix of therapy to meet you and your child where you are at in your recovery process. Our personalized programs are designed to show teens ages 12-17 how to manage and understand medications, build self confidence and life skills, and get connected to important resources in the community.

Individual Therapy

A personal counselor and/or mental health therapist will work one-on-one with your teen to help them learn about what they’re feeling and why it’s not their fault. We spend time with your teen identifying triggers and coping strategies, and assist in finding long-term care in the community.

Group Therapy

Group sessions create an accepting, supportive environment in which your teen will learn effective coping strategies and practice important skills including mindfulness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance.

Family Therapy

Family participation in therapy has proven to dramatically increase recovery success. We help families discover how to best support their teen during a crisis and how to keep the home environment safe.

Medication Evaluation

Your teen will meet regularly with our psychiatric provider for evaluation and to discuss medications. Medication evaluation is an important part of crisis stabilization, in addition to individual, group and family therapy.

E&T Admissions & Locations

For young people who pose an imminent risk of harm to themselves or others, please call your local County Crisis Line. In Clark County, that number is 1-800-626-8137. In Spokane County, that number is 1-509-838-4428. Otherwise, contact Daybreak’s E&T staff at the location nearest you:

SPOKANE (female & female-identifying only)

628 South Cowley St.
Spokane, WA 99202

Phone: (509) 475-4651
Fax: (509) 835-4272

Daybreak is dedicated to breaking down barriers to treatment for all youth. Our services are covered by most insurance carriers, including Washington State Medicaid. Evaluation and Treatment is managed by the Daybreak Medical Director and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Medication administration and management via a licensed Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

 Daybreak provides translation services free of charge. Servicio de interpretación disponible sin costo.