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About Us


Established in 1978, Daybreak Youth Services is a non-profit provider of adolescent addiction and mental health treatment services in Washington state. With residential Inpatient programs in Brush Prairie and Spokane, we provide safe and secure environments where teens ages 12-18 can commit to their recovery while engaging in school and recreation. Additionally, we offer co-gender Outpatient counseling as well as short-term crisis stabilization services (known as Evaluation & Treatment or “E&T”).


We understand your story


A teen’s struggle can be frightening, isolating and confusing, not only for them but for those who love and care for them. At Daybreak, we offer experience, compassion and understanding to provide hope for a positive, healthy life for your teen. We value diversity and inclusivity, and create a warm, safe environment to heal, grow and learn in. Our dedicated team of certified treatment professionals will provide the answers and support you’re looking for to help your teen thrive and your family rediscover happiness.

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