Daybreak School

Daybreak Youth Services offers an extensive school program to clients entering our inpatient facilities. Our presence in Southwest and Eastern Washington allows us access to ESD 101 and ESD 112. These educational districts support our programming in our client’s ability to earn credits towards their high school degree or opportunities for preparation for GED testing.

In both inpatient facilities of Daybreak, we offer access to Odysseyware ™ programs and curriculum associated with Battleground ISD and Spokane Public Schools. Our inpatient teachers offer their experience and knowledge in special education services and training. Our teachers are certified educators in the state of Washington and have comprehensive experience working with a wide range of educational needs in adolescents and teens.

Our fully accredited school program provides:

  • Support and opportunities to assist preparation and access to GED testing while in treatment
  • The ability to earn credits towards a high school degree while attending inpatient treatment
  • Opportunities to connect with organizations, trade programs, statewide job corps, and higher education resources
  • Access to Odysseyware programs and curriculum associated with Spokane Public Schools and Battleground ISD
  • A transitional specialist who follows up with clients after they leave treatment to ensure they are doing well
  • Small classroom sizes allow for one-on-one tutoring from Washington state certified teachers


When a client enters our facility, they are assessed based on their educational level and they are then given an individual curriculum to match their capabilities while in our care. These individual school plans vary based on Individualized Education Plans(IEP), 504 plans, and abilities to manage a certain volume of schoolwork while focusing on their rehabilitation. We’ll work with individual teachers, school counselors and administrators to ensure your teen’s entrance back into their schools are positive. Daybreak is passionate about the school programs that we are able to provide. Our goal is to provide the educational support that will allow your teen to maintain their educational goals while on their healing journey.

Our Spokane location provides a transitional specialist who follows up with your teen after they leave our facility on incremental days (30-60-90-180 days) after their discharge to ensure they are doing well in their home programs and education environments.

For more information about IEP and 504 plans please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


We strongly believe in building relationships with motivating individuals, who will inspire and mentor your teen to succeed. In addition to school-based curriculum and high school credits, we’ll provide your teen with additional resources and the opportunity to connect with organizations and trade programs within the community. We’ll connect your teen with statewide job corps and higher education resources for post-high school opportunities. Your teen will be introduced to aftercare opportunities for further support and growth.