Restorative Receiving Center

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Daybreak’s Restorative Receiving Center is located in Daybreak’s inpatient facility in Spokane, WA and serves youth ages 12-17 who have been or who are at risk of being commercially and sexually exploited. This is the first youth residential treatment program in the nation to provide mental health and substance use disorder treatment with wraparound support services for youth who have been victims of sex trafficking. This program is a result of House Bill 1775, which aims to end childhood prostitution.

Our Restorative Receiving Center in Spokane, WA provides:

  • A 30-day stabilization unit where youth will have access to Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) in individual and therapeutic groups. 
  • Mental health and substance use disorder assessments
  • Access to 24/7 nursing and medication management
  • The ability to enter into Daybreak’s co-occurring program once their stabilization period is over or be transferred to an appropriate treatment that best meets the youths needs
  • Case Management will continue to offer wraparound resources and support as needed up to 30 days after the youth has left Daybreak’s care.


Stabilization will begin the moment a youth enters the center and can continue up to 30 days, if needed. During stabilization, youth will have access to Daybreak’s multidisciplinary team that includes a registered nurse, Psych ARNP, and a mental health therapist. Trauma-focused therapeutic groups will be provided to help address underlying trauma they have experienced.

Mental Health & Substance Use Disorder Assessments:

Within 72 hours of entry, youth will receive a mental health and substance use disorder assessment. If the youth meets criteria and choses to continue their therapeutic journey to address their behavioral health needs, they have the option of entering into Daybreak’s residential inpatient program, or they will be referred to another provider that best meets the need of the youth.

Wraparound Support Services:

Youth will work with a case manager and be introduced to appropriate resources while in the Receiving Center, as well as aftercare community support services. This could include referrals to additional social service agencies, sexual assault and victim advocacy, access to food and a transitional living bed provided by St. Margaret’s, education, family support, and more.


Please fill out the CSE-IT application for eligibility.

Referral process:

If you suspect a youth is being commercially sexually exploited or is at risk of exploitation:

  1. Call (509) 879-0744 for immediate assistance.
  2. Fill out the CSE-IT online application tool at the bottom of this page.
  3. If the youth meets eligibility, intake arrangements will be made.
  4. Youth who are DCYF involved must be referred by the Missing and Exploited Youth Program Manager for admission, unless it is an after-hours emergency involving Law Enforcement. Contact:

NOTE: If the youth has already been CSEC screened through law enforcement or DCYF, a CSE-IT does not have to be completed prior to intake.




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