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Our programs

We help teens and their families move beyond substance use disorder and mental health challenges to embrace a life of promise filled with hope, healing and recovery. What to expect and look forward to when entering treatment at Daybreak:

  • A whole person clicnical care model that focuses on substance abuse, mental health and individualized medical needs
  • An experienced, caring treatment team cross-trained in substance abuse and mental health
  • A safe, secure, structured treatment environment
  • Individual, group, and family therapy counseling sessions
  • Recovery education focused on self-esteem, adolescent development and a holistic treatment approach
  • Skills training in mindfulness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and stress tolerance
  • Recreational opportunities to inspire and promote sober fun

Inpatient services

Offered in Spokane and Brush Prairie Washington, our 24 hour Inpatient Residential Treatment Program offers our highest level of care for your teen struggling with substance use disorder and/or mental health challenges. We provide individualized care based on personalized needs, making our program unique. We recognize the importance of co-occuring treatment as a vital step on your teen’s journey toward hope, healing, and recovery. Treatment is provided in a structured environment, helping your teen achieve a healthy lifestyle through intensive counseling, recreational activities, skill building exercises, and a fully accredited Daybreak school to ensure that they stay on track with their educational needs while in treatment.To access these services please call (888) 454-5506.

Outpatient services

Offered in Spokane, Brush Prairie and Vancouver, Washington, Daybreak’s Outpatient Program creates structure and accountability while your teen is seeking substance use disorder treatment. Our Outpatient Program allows your teen the freedom of living at home, attending school or continuing a current job. We’ll meet you and your family where you are in your recovery journey — through a mix of individual, educational, group and family therapy sessions, we’ll be there to help your teen build the critical skills needed for sustained recovery.To access these services please call (888) 454-5506.

Psychiatric Evaluation & Treatment (E&T)

Offered at our inpatient facility in Spokane, WA our Psychiatric Evaluation and Treatment Program features short-term crisis stabilization and intervention services for acute mental health conditions including suicide ideation, major depression, psychosis, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Our dedicated E&T staff can help you and your teen understand medications, build life skills and get connected to important aftercare resources in the community.To access these services please call (509) 475-4651.

wraparound intensive services (wise)

Offered in Spokane,Washington our WISe Program is designed to provide comprehensive behavioral health services and supports to Medicaid-eligible youth and families ages 0-20 years old who have complex behavioral health needs. We’re here to help support and walk you and your teen through this treatment process in environments where you feel most comfortable. Our program provides an experienced treatment team of professionals including a care coordinator, a mental health therapist and a peer partner to work with your family to meet you and your teen where you are in your recovery process. To access these services please call (509) 475-4651.