Daybreak Youth Services Advisors


Daybreak Quality Committee

The Quality Committee reviews the data and statistics on client services, utilization, payer mix, attendance, and speed of access to treatment services.   Of special interest are retention and completion rates and the reasons why youth do not successfully complete a program.  All critical incidents are reviewed, and certain incidents are chosen for in-depth analysis and improvement.   A report from this committee is given to the Governing Board each month.

  • Gary Smith, PhD., President, Governing Board
  • Tim Smith, Executive Director
  • Mike Ott, Treatment Director, Vancouver
  • Richard Miles, Treatment Director, Spokane
  • Allison Metzler, Assistant Treatment Director, Spokane
  • Merry Armstrong, DNSc, ARNP, Associate Professor, College of Nursing, Washington State University, Spokane
  • Donelle Howell, PhD., Assistant Research Professor and Director, Program of Excellence in Addictions, Washington State University

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets monthly to review financial statements, accounts receivable and budgets.   Analyzes and explores issues related to cash management, fiduciary policy, and the business aspects of the Daybreak service delivery system.   Acts as the Investment Committee, overseeing the investments for the Daybreak Profit Sharing Trust , the Charitable Gift Annuity funds, and the Board-designated reserve funds.    A report from this committee is given to the Governing Board at each Board meeting.

  • Jim Cromer, Treasurer of the Governing Board
  • Tim Smith, Executive Director
  • Mike Bruch, Operations Director and Chief Financial Officer
  • Cindy Kessinger, Bookkeeper
  • John Lindeblad, former President and COO of ISC/Bunker Ramo in Spokane, and one of the founders of Daybreak.
  • Walter Jensen, CLU, ChFC, The Brokers, Inc., Spokane