Project Beauty Share provides personal hygiene, cosmetics, and beauty products to non-profit organizations who serve women and families overcoming abuse, addiction, homelessness, and poverty to help restore hope and dignity in their lives.The organization serves groups of women who have been marginalized in their community. Many of the women Project Beauty Share has helped, have been displaced, have escaped violent situations, or simply fell down without anyone to help to get back up. Project Beauty Share facilitates donations to local shelters, homes, and organizations.New and barely used products can be donated and their warehouse will professionally clean and repurpose those products, as well as distribute them to organizations with the greatest need in the community.

Our Partners in Self-Confidence:  Daybreak has been partnering with Project Beauty Share since 2016. Our Life Enrichment Program opened the doors for our clients to go out into the community and help volunteer, learn trades, and work alongside industry leaders. Every week our clients visit Project Beauty Share and have the opportunity to volunteer. Working in their warehouse, they help organize and clean donated beauty products. Not only do the clients feel good about helping their local community, but they are also introduced to the inspiring and kind-hearted Project Beauty Share volunteers who are helping young girls, just like them. Additionally, the organization has been instrumental in maintaining our beauty and cosmetic supply for our clients at our Spokane Residential Inpatient facility.  

Their Beauty Impact: Project Beauty Share has helped our clients not only look good, but feel good! For some of our clients, they have never felt good about the way they looked. They’ve struggled with their body image and a lot of them have extremely low self-esteem or eating disorders. They never had the opportunity to play with makeup or enhance their appearance in a way that boosted their self-confidence. A majority of our clients come from rough backgrounds where they have little to no encouragement to succeed and they are constantly told they amount to nothing. However, Project Beauty Share has shined a light on many of our clients. The organization has given them no small amount of joy. After visiting Project Beauty Share, our clients have an improved appreciation for their beauty, their self-esteem has increased, and they look forward to working on their inner beauty, as well as stepping into who they are.

“Project Beauty Share is so much more than beauty products,” says Daybreak’s Life Enrichment Director, Catherine Reynolds. “It is truly the connector. When the young girls at Daybreak are helping to sanitize makeup, they take a sense of pride in their workmanship. The giggles and excitement when discussing beauty products and looking at unique packaging or fun eye shadow pallets, you can’t help but smile. The girls learn how to work together in a small group and love sharing their treasures with each other. the beauty is truly in the giving and sharing.”