On October 2, 2017, Daybreak Youth Services began offering evaluation and treatment services for high-acuity mental health clients at the RWC Center for Adolescent Recovery in Brush Prairie, Washington.

12 beds at the facility are now dedicated to psychiatric evaluation and treatment, providing services for acute mental health disorders including suicide ideation, major depression, psychosis, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder & more.

Services provided include:

  •  Psychiatric and nursing assessments
  •  Crisis intervention and stabilization services
  •  Medication management
  •  Education related to life skills and understanding medication effects
  •  Discharge planning, including referrals and linkage to other resources in the community

Daybreak serves adolescents age 12-18 and accepts Medicaid and most private insurance.

Evaluation and Treatment is managed by the Daybreak Medical Director and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Medication administration and management via a licensed Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.


For parents, schools & juvenile court staff:


To send a child to Daybreak for inpatient psychiatric evaluation and treatment services, please call your local County Crisis Line. The crisis team will make an initial assessment and refer the child to outpatient or inpatient treatment.

For additional questions, contact Audra Stave 360-840-6943 or astave@daybreakyouthservices.org


Stay tuned for beds opening in Daybreak’s Spokane facility later this year.