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Daybreak offers intensive, gender-specific inpatient addiction recovery programs for teens age 12-18. A client’s length of stay at our inpatient centers vary with each individual situation, acuity level and treatment progress.

Our centers in Brush Prairie and Spokane provide a safe and secure structured treatment environment where clients can focus on recovery while also engaging in a healthy lifestyle, school, skill-building, recreation and counseling services.

Daybreak’s inpatient programs are driven by an experienced treatment team that includes a psychiatrist, medical staff, chemical dependency counselors, social workers and mental health counselors. Each team member is cross-trained in chemical dependency and mental health counseling.

Our skills coaches work with clients on developing practical behavior skills as they interact with others and participate in daily activities. School teachers also work directly with clients to tailor learning programs according to their academic needs.

Our inpatient treatment programs are certified by the Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse. Daybreak’s programs adhere to industry best practices and meet criteria set by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) as Level III medically monitored programs.


Inpatient recovery programs include:


  • Individual therapy: Each client has a primary counselor who will oversee his or her treatment. The counselor provides at least one hour of individual therapy per week and additional counseling sessions as needed.
  • Family therapyFamily participation in therapy has proven to dramatically increase a client’s recovery. We offer family education on the weekends. Participation in these sessions is required before therapeutic outings.
  • Recovery education: Each client is educated on issues pertinent to recovery and growth. Subjects include self-esteem, adolescent development and gender issues.
  • Skills training groups: Skills groups focus on mindfulness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance. The group setting offers an accepting environment where clients can learn effective coping strategies and practice these skills.
  • Support meetings: We provide various support meetings including spiritual, recovery, gender-specific and mental health multiple times each week.

Recreational Opportunities


Daybreak Youth Services provides a range of special recreation opportunities to clients. Offerings, which may vary based on location, include: 


  • Equine therapy
  • Yoga
  • Crossfit
  • Basketball
  • Music classes
  • Art therapy
  • Carpentry
  • Outdoor adventure programs
  • And more


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Daybreak provides translation services free of charge. Servicio de interpretación disponible sin costo.

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Daybreak has been successfully treating teens for drug and alcohol addiction since 1978. We are committed to serving teens and their families, and have become an innovative leader in the youth drug and alcohol treatment field. We operate outpatient and inpatient treatment programs in Eastern and Western Washington. Daybreak serves teens from around the Northwest. Together, Daybreak’s programs serve more than 1,000 adolescents each year.

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