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Inpatient Policies & Procedures

The policies and procedures outlined on this page apply to Daybreak’s residential Inpatient program. If you have questions about a policy that is not listed here or on our FAQ page, please contact us.

Chores and community service

Inpatient clients are assigned daily household chores (picking up room, laundry, etc.) as part of their treatment plan. This helps encourage the development of personal responsibility and caring for their environment. Clients with community service hours to complete can sometimes be assigned special work assignments during their free time.

Family outings

During the later stages of treatment, a client’s primary counselor will work with family members to arrange therapeutic outings that fit with the client’s overall treatment plan. Family members will be expected to participate in family education prior to outings. We ask that family members maintain close observation of their child during these brief times away from the facility. Clients with behavioral issues will not be eligible to participate in outings.


No outside food or drink is allowed at Daybreak, though visiting family members can bring items that have been pre-approved by the client’s primary counselor. All meals for inpatient clients are prepared by Daybreak’s kitchen staff, and special dietary requirements can be accommodated with the presence of a physician’s note upon intake. Daybreak strives to keep sugar and caffeine intake at a minimum during treatment. Food is not permitted in client rooms.


All inpatient clients should have physical exams prior to their initial intake. Once in treatment, if a client needs medical attention, local family members will be contacted to transport their teen to their family doctor. Daybreak will assist with transportation as needed. Emergency services are available 24/7.


Inpatient clients are not allowed to have money on their person. However, funds can be deposited into a client’s spending account (an initial amount of $50 is typically sufficient). These funds can be used for hygiene items, stamps, over-the-counter medications, etc. Any other use of a client’s spending account must be approved by their primary counselor after consulting with the parent or guardian. To add funds via debit or credit card, contact the Daybreak Business Office at (509) 444-7033. Cash funds are accepted at either of our inpatient facilities.


All inpatient clients receive a preloaded digital music player to enjoy during their stay. Clients will be charged $20 if their player is lost, damaged or taken home after treatment. Personal music devices from home are not allowed.

Over-the-counter medications

During intake, the client’s legal guardian will be asked to approve or limit the use of over-the-counter medications, which are listed on Daybreak’s approved medications list and authorized by our medical director. Over-the-counter medications are available at Daybreak. Clients who regularly take non-prescription medications are asked to bring them to intake in their original, unopened containers. All over-the-counter medications will be locked in storage until needed and the client will self-administer under staff supervision.

Phone calls

Upon admission to Daybreak, clients are placed on a five-day “orientation” period. During this time, clients can call family members with supervision from their primary counselor, but they do not have personal phone call time. This five-day period is designed to help clients become more familiar with the daily schedule, rules, Daybreak staff and their peers. It also helps to create a more positive transition into residential treatment.

After the “orientation” period, clients are free to make and receive phone calls unless calls are restricted due to behavioral or other problems. Long distance calls are allowed and prepaid phone cards are not required. Typically, the best times to call during the week are:

  • Brush Prairie: Daily, 4:30 pm-5:15 pm
  • Spokane: Daily, 5:00 pm -7:15 pm

Phone calls are limited to 10 minutes and are loosely monitored by staff members. If there is a family emergency, please let a staff member know before speaking to the client.

Prescription medications

Clients who are taking prescription medications should bring at least a 30-day, bubble-packed supply. The pharmacist that filled the prescription should be able to bubble pack them for you. If the pharmacy will not bubble-pack, the medication must be brought to intake in the original container with the prescription/doctor’s orders attached to them. The parent or guardian will then bubble pack the prescription during the intake process.

Principles of services

Daybreak is dedicated to breaking down barriers to treatment for all youth. Parent-initiated treatment may be allowed if voluntary placement is not an option. Additionally, Daybreak does not refuse service based solely on arrests or probation.

If we believe a client can be better served in another institution or program, we will make that recommendation at the time of assessment.

Runaway behavior

Daybreak is required to file a run report with the local police in the case of a runaway client. The client’s family, caseworker and/or probation officer will also be notified.

Smoking & tobacco

Daybreak facilities are smoke-free. The use of tobacco and/or vaping products in and outside of our facilities is prohibited. Clients are expected to remain tobacco-free for the entirety of their inpatient stay, including during therapeutic outings with their families. We ask that visitors adhere to these rules while on the Daybreak campus.


All client visitors must be approved by parents/guardians and Daybreak staff. Head to our visitation page for a list of visitation hours by location. If you would like to arrange an alternate visiting time, please speak to the client’s primary counselor.