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Daybreak’s innovative programs are designed to fit each youth’s individual needs. Serving kids 12-18 with substance use disorder and mental illness, Daybreak has a program to fit your needs.

Many people assume that a teen needs to reach “rock bottom” before it’s appropriate to seek help. Daybreak can offer you and your family support for teen substance use disorder and mental health at any stage of the process. We know that the earlier there is intervention, the more successful treatment can be.


Inpatient & outpatient services


Daybreak offers outpatient counseling to teens in Spokane, Vancouver and Brush Prairie, WA. For more information about outpatient services, click hereFor teens with more acute support needs, Daybreak offers residential inpatient services in Brush Prairie and Spokane. For more information about inpatient services, click here.


Psychiatric Evaluation & Treatment Inpatient Services (E&T)


In October 2017, Daybreak broadened its focus beyond inpatient and outpatient treatment for substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health issues to include the treatment of acute mental health conditions. Daybreak now offers Evaluation & Treatment services for acute mental health conditions including suicide ideation, homicide ideation, major depression, psychosis, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. For more information about E&T services, click here.


If you know a teen who needs help, please call us at (888) 454-5506.

Daybreak Youth Services

Daybreak has been successfully treating teens for drug and alcohol addiction since 1978. We are committed to serving teens and their families, and have become an innovative leader in the youth drug and alcohol treatment field. We operate outpatient and inpatient treatment programs in Eastern and Western Washington. Daybreak serves teens from around the Northwest. Together, Daybreak’s programs serve more than 1,000 adolescents each year.

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