WAC 388-877-0600

WAC 246-337-075


1) All residents, his or her personal representative, designee or parent, are advised of all rights, treatment methods and rules applicable to their care at Daybreak (WAC 246-337-075 (1)) before admission. If requested, these rights will be available in alternative format for individuals who are blind or translated to the most commonly used languages in the agency’s service area.

2) All residents, his or her personal representative, designee or parent, receive a written copy of his or her rights on or before admission a (WAC 246-337-075 (2)).

3) All residents will receive services without regard to race, creed, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability.

4) All residents will be reasonably accommodated in case of sensory or physical disability, limited ability to communicate, limited English proficient, and cultural differences.

5) All residents are advised of emergency interventions and youth behavior management guidelines including the right to:

  1. a) Be free of restraint and/or seclusion except when engaging in behaviors that would quality as harmful to self or others, and meeting other expectations outlined in WAC 388-865-0546 and WAC 246-337-110(3).
  2. b) Be protected from abuse by staff at all times, or from other clients who are on agency premises, including: sexual abuse or harassment, sexual or financial exploitation, racism or racial harassment, physical abuse or physical punishment (WAC 246-337-110(3).;
  3. c) Are protected from invasion of privacy except that staff may conduct reasonable searches to detect and prevent possession or use of contraband on the premises;
  4. d) Have all clinical and personal information treated in accord with state and federal confidentiality regulations;

6) All residents, personal representatives, and/or parents are able review their own treatment records and resident files in the presence of the administrator or designee and be given an opportunity to request amendments or corrections in accordance with chapter 70.02 RCW (WAC 246-337-075 (4).

7) All residents may receive a copy of Daybreak’s complaint and grievance procedures upon request to lodge a complaint or grievance with Daybreak or regional support network (RSN), if applicable, if you believe your rights have been violated and file a complaint with the department when you feel Daybreak has violated a WAC requirement regulating behavior health agencies.

8) All residents are treated in a manner sensitive to individual needs and which promote human dignity and self-respect; and fosters constructive self-esteem.

Audio file of Daybreak Client Rights:

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